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Careers with Outshine Contractors

Contractors perform various duties on and around building and construction sites. A contractor can work in multiple fields as a general contractor or specialize in a particular trade, such as plumbing, masonry or painting. There are different educational paths to become a contractor. At the minimum, aspiring contractors must complete an apprenticeship or earn an associate’s degree in construction science or a related field. While the need for contractors is highly dependent on the economy, job growth is predicted to increase at an above average rate.


A contractor is an individual who commits, or contracts, to a construction, demolition or renovation project. Construction contractors can enter this career field from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds. They may work as general contractors, civil engineering contractors or specialty contractors.

General contractors are often responsible for entire construction projects and help to coordinate specialty contractors and workers who perform general construction duties like framing, insulation and planning. They usually work on building projects for commercial or residential use. Civil engineering contractors work on large projects like bridges, tunnels and sewers. Specialty contractors work in one specific area, like plumbing or cabinetry, of a construction project.


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