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While working with institutions and the Federal Government their projects are larger in scope, land use and cost. In addition, they tend to be the most sensitive to completion times. We are confident we can address these needs as we accommodate our clients with a well established list of expected expenditures, strict cost accounting and supply management and a comprehensive project management goals. Our experience in the field will allow us to position this approach. We at Outshine can leverage our competitive advantage of superior customer support. In an industry that is not known for their customer support, it is quite easy for us to stand out with our customer service.

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During the initial estimation phases, Outshine employees will be able to professionally respond to any questions that you, the customer, may have. This meeting also gives Outshine the opportunity to provide you, the customer, with what we have to offer as a construction/renovation services provider and what customers can expect. This initial interaction will give Outshine an opportunity to understand prospective clients and work towards delivering something they want.

Our institutional services include, but is not limited to, construction of government hospitals, schools, science facilities, research centers, airports etc and repairing or remodeling of any government building or site.